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Faculty and Staff A-Z

Kweku Amaning Affram portrait

Kweku Amaning Affram

Master's Student BS University of Energy and Natural Resources (Ghana)

Lukman Alabi portrait

Lukman Alabi

Master's Student BS Usmanu Danfodio University (Nigeria)

Joy Alende portrait

Joy Alende

Master's Student BS Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)

Anthony Amissah portrait

Anthony Amissah

Master's Student, BS Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Agnes Amoakwa portrait

Agnes Amoakwa

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jay Ansher portrait

Jay Ansher

General Education Lab Coordinator

(309) 438-5247

Tom Arndt portrait

Tom Arndt

Master's Student, BS Illinois State University

Nana Yaa Asare portrait

Nana Yaa Asare

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Francis Awa portrait

Francis Awa

Master's Student, BS Michael Okpara University of Ag

Joseph Awuku portrait

Joseph Awuku

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jae Baek portrait

Jae Baek

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7788

Wilson Banks portrait

Wilson Banks

Professor Emeritus Mathematics

Susil Baral portrait

Susil Baral

Assistant Professor - Physical Chemistry

(309) 438-3698

George Barnes portrait

Dr. George Barnes

Chemistry Department Chair & Professor

(309) 438-7661

Emily Beitello portrait

Emily Beitello

Master's Student BS Western Michigan University (USA)

Kenneth Berk portrait

Kenneth Berk

Professor Emeritus Mathematics

Amy Bloom portrait

Dr. Amy Bloom

Instructional Assistant Professor and Illinois Geographic Alliance Co-Coordinator

(309) 438-4325

Matt Blue portrait

Matt Blue

Academic Advisor - History-Soc. Sci. Education Majors

(309) 438-8306

Emmanuel Boafo portrait

Emmanuel Boafo

Master's Student, BS Kwame Nkrumah University of Sci & Tech

Shelby Boehm portrait

Dr. Shelby Boehm

Assistant Professor of English Education

(309) 438-3667

Sarah Boesdorfer portrait

Dr. Sarah Boesdorfer

Associate Professor, Chemistry Education

(309) 438-7905

Harold Born portrait

Harold Born

Professor Emeritus and Chair Emeritus - deceased

Francesc Borrull portrait

Francesc Borrull

Interim Director of World Languages Teacher Education / Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3604

Rachel Bowden portrait

Dr. Rachel Bowden

School Director & Distinguished Professor of Ecological Physiology

(309) 438-3834

Addie Bowen portrait

Addie Bowen

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Becky Braun portrait

Dr. Becky Braun

Instructional Assistant Professor and Clinical Educator - AUD

(309) 438-3960

Ryan Bunge portrait

Ryan Bunge

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3896

Bruce Burningham portrait

Bruce Burningham

Professor of Spanish Studies, Theatre Studies, and Film and Digital Media

(309) 438-3604

Reilly Card portrait

Reilly Card

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Brian Carpenter portrait

Brian Carpenter

Master's Student BS Illinois State University

Austin Carter portrait

Austin Carter

Master's Student BS Illinois State University

Greg Carter portrait

Greg Carter

Instructional Assistant Professor, History

(309) 438-5961

Susan Chen portrait

Susan Chen

Professor & Undergraduate Program Director

(309) 438-3616

Jonathan Chilaka portrait

Jonathan Chilaka

Master's Student, BS Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria

Bhaskar Chilukuri portrait

Bhaskar Chilukuri

Assistant Professor - Physical Chemistry

(309) 438-7207

Daniel Chukwudi portrait

Daniel Chukwudi

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jane Cler portrait

Jane Cler

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8781

Shane Combs portrait

Shane Combs

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3667

Seth Corrie portrait

Seth Corrie

Master's Student BS Illinois State University

John Crew portrait

John Crew

Professor Emeritus - deceased

Kennedy Cull portrait

Kennedy Cull

Graduate Teaching Assistant

John Cutting portrait

John Cutting

Associate Professor and Assistant Vice President for Academic Planning

(309) 438-2999

Jan Dahl portrait

Dr. Jan Dahl

Assistant Professor of Microbiology

(309) 438-7694

Roger Day portrait

Roger Day

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8781

Christopher De Santis portrait

Dr. Christopher De Santis

Professor of African American and American Literature

(309) 438-3667

Javier delBarco-Trillo portrait

Javier delBarco-Trillo

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Physiology

(309) 438-2666

Hannah Delorto portrait

Hannah Delorto

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Stephanie Duquenne portrait

Stephanie Duquenne

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

(309) 438-3815

Clementina Edema portrait

Clementina Edema

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Matthew Edor portrait

Matthew Edor

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Laura Edwards portrait

Laura Edwards

Instructional Assistant Professor of French & Italian/Academic Advisor

(309) 438-3279

Chelsey Eimer portrait

Chelsey Eimer

Lecturer in Public Relations, Journalism, and Mass Media

(309) 438-8379

Martin Engelke portrait

Dr. Martin Engelke

Assistant Professor of Cell Physiology

(309) 438-8677

Francesco Ferrari portrait

Francesco Ferrari

Instructional Assistant Professor - Italian

(309) 438-3604

Katie Fisher portrait

Katie Fisher

Assistant to the Chair & Undergraduate Academic Advisor

(309) 438-5783

Deborah Fox portrait

Deborah Fox

Assistant Dean for External Relations

(309) 438-5669

Jessica Gabl portrait

Ms. Jessica Gabl

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Paul Garris portrait

Dr. Paul Garris

Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology

(309) 438-2664

Jim Gee portrait

Jim Gee

Lecturer, School of Communication

(309) 438-8931

Tanavia Gilbert portrait

Tanavia Gilbert

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Amy Gilliland portrait

Amy Gilliland

Natural Science Technical Assistant

(309) 438-3252

Alexandra Goitia portrait

Alexandra Goitia

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Rachel Gramer portrait

Dr. Rachel Gramer

Associate Professor of Writing Studies/English

(309) 438-1402

Jaclyn Greci portrait

Jaclyn Greci

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Glen Greenseth portrait

Glen Greenseth

Professor Emeritus - deceased

Keri Hannie portrait

Keri Hannie

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3289

Timothy Harris portrait

Timothy Harris

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

(309) 438-7509

Robert Hathway portrait

Robert Hathway

Associate Professor Emeritus

Aly Hearn portrait

Aly Hearn

Staff - Chemistry Stockroom Manager

(309) 438-3766

Nic Heckner portrait

Nic Heckner

Instructional Assistant Professor of German

(309) 438-3604

Jeff Helms portrait

Dr. Jeff Helms

Biological Sciences Pre-Health Professions Advisor / Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-2662

Mike Hendricks portrait

Dr. Mike Hendricks

Assistant Professor/Pi Sigma Alpha Advisor

(309) 438-8638

Gary Higham portrait

Gary Higham

Associate Director- Student Teaching and Partnership Development

(309) 438-2682

Drew Hileman portrait

Drew Hileman

Academic Advisor, Department of Mathematics

(309) 438-7007

John Hooker portrait

Dr. John Hooker

Associate Professor and Co-Director of Communication as Critical Inquiry

(309) 438-7578

Doris Houston portrait

Dr. Doris Houston

Director, Center for Child Welfare and Adoption Studies

(309) 438-3631

Jennifer Howell portrait

Jennifer Howell

Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies

(309) 438-1956

Ben Huang portrait

Ben Huang

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-3895

Sunday Jacob portrait

Sunday Jacob

Master's Student BS University of Ilorin (Nigeria)

Antony Joseph portrait

Dr. Antony Joseph

Associate Professor - AuD, PhD, CCC-A, CPS/A, F-NAP Occupational-Research Audiologist

(309) 438-7061

Susan Kalter portrait

Susan Kalter

Professor, American Literature and Native American Studies

(309) 438-8660

Kelly Karstrand portrait

Kelly Karstrand

University Supervisor of Student Teachers

(309) 438-3604

Sandra Keller portrait

Sandra Keller

Instructional Assistant Professor of French

(309) 438-7620

Carrie King portrait

Carrie King

Graduate Teaching Assistant

James Kirchner portrait

James Kirchner

Professor Emeritus of Geology

John Kostelnick portrait

Dr. John Kostelnick

Professor of Geography, Director GEOMAP

(309) 438-7679

Tom Lamonica portrait

Tom Lamonica

Instructional Assistant Professor/Director of Field Experiences

(309) 438-8578

Timothy Lash portrait

Dr. Timothy Lash

Distinguished Professor, Organic Chemistry

(309) 438-8554

Omolola Lasisi portrait

Omolola Lasisi

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Caleb Lawler portrait

Caleb Lawler

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Deb Lesser portrait

Deb Lesser

Media Business Director, WZND Radio & TV-10 News

(309) 438-7409

Kristina Lewis portrait

Dr. Kristina Lewis

Assistant Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics

(309) 438-7796

Luke Ludwig portrait

Luke Ludwig

Staff - Chemistry Stockroom Assistant

(309) 438-2640

Ryan Lukkarinen portrait

Ryan Lukkarinen

Master's Student BS Saint Ambrose University (Davenport, IA, USA)

Juliet Lynd portrait

Dr. Juliet Lynd

Chair of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

(309) 438-7347

Robi Mahan portrait

Robi Mahan

Lecturer and Assistant Forensics Coach

(309) 438-3671

Julie Maio portrait

Julie Maio

Communication Specialist/Non-Tenured Instructor

(309) 438-8488

Rebekah Mangels portrait

Rebekah Mangels

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Richard Martin portrait

Dr. Richard Martin

Professor Emeritus and Chair Emeritus

(309) 438-3427

Kathryn Mayer portrait

Kathryn Mayer

Graduate Teaching Assistant

RC McBride portrait

RC McBride

General Manager, WGLT Public Media

(309) 438-2713

Kim McHale portrait

Kim McHale

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-4520

Craig McLauchlan portrait

Craig McLauchlan

Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

(309) 438-7661

Caitlin Mercier portrait

Caitlin Mercier

Assistant Professor in WGSS/Psychology

(309) 438-5851

Aimee Miller-Ott portrait

Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott

Interim Director of the School of Communication & Professor

(309) 438-3277

Andy Mitchell portrait

Dr. Andy Mitchell

Professor, Organic Chemistry; Associate Chair of Graduate Studies

(309) 438-2697

Kate Mueller portrait

Kate Mueller

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Richard Nagorski portrait

Richard Nagorski

Professor, Organic Chemistry Associate Chair of Graduate Programs

(309) 438-8978

Robert Nelson portrait

Dr. Robert Nelson

Associate Professor Emeritus of Geology

(309) 438-7808

Pirmin Nietlisbach portrait

Dr. Pirmin Nietlisbach

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology

(309) 438-8549

Edikan Nkanta portrait

Edikan Nkanta

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Derek O'Connell portrait

Dr. Derek O'Connell

Assistant to the Department Chair and Undergraduate Advisor

(309) 438-7795

Christabel Obi portrait

Christabel Obi

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Joy Odeh portrait

Joy Odeh

Master's Student BS Ambrose Alli University

Yasmin Odeh portrait

Yasmin Odeh

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Blessing Okereke portrait

Blessing Okereke

Master's Student BS Linnaeus (Sweden)/Michael Okpara (Nigeria)

Ebuka Okoli portrait

Ebuka Okoli

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Shoko Onozato portrait

Shoko Onozato

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Gabriel Opare portrait

Gabriel Opare

Graduate Teaching Assitant

Stephanie Orozco portrait

Stephanie Orozco

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Kwame Osei portrait

Kwame Osei

Master's Student BS Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Esther Oshaji portrait

Esther Oshaji

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Krzysztof Ostaszewski portrait

Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski

Distinguished Professor, Actuarial Program Director

(309) 438-7226

Ryan Paitz portrait

Dr. Ryan Paitz

Associate Professor of Endocrinology

(309) 438-7965

Daria Parfenova portrait

Daria Parfenova

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Geeta Pasi portrait

Geeta Pasi

Donald F. McHenry Visiting Professor in Diplomacy and International Affairs

(309) 438-8923

Sudarshana Patra portrait

Sudarshana Patra

Master's Student BS Jadavpur University

Abbie Paul portrait

Abbie Paul

Instructional Assistant Professor & Academic Advisor

(309) 438-4585

Steven Peters portrait

Steven Peters

Professor, Physical/Organic/Biochemistry

(309) 438-2118

Eric Peterson portrait

Dr. Eric Peterson

University Professor of Geology, Hydrogeology Program Coordinator

(309) 438-2546

Sara Piotrowski portrait

Dr. Sara Piotrowski

Coordinator of Student Teaching- History & Social Sciences Education

(309) 438-7212

Grace Pizzini portrait

Grace Pizzini

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Danielle Polion portrait

Danielle Polion

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Erin Ponnou-Delaffon portrait

Erin Ponnou-Delaffon

Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies

(309) 438-7981

Curtis Preston portrait

Curtis Preston

Office Administrator/Business Manager

(309) 438-7320

Ifeanyichukwu Promise portrait

Ifeanyichukwu Promise

Master's Student, BS Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria

Charlie Pujol portrait

Charlie Pujol

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Alexis Quick portrait

Alexis Quick

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Eshrat Rahman portrait

Eshrat Rahman

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Shang-Fen Ren portrait

Shang-Fen Ren

Professor Emeritus, APS Fellow

Haley Rey portrait

Haley Rey

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Carlos Rodriguez portrait

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Neurobiology

(309) 438-3669

Haley Roiland portrait

Haley Roiland

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Makayla Roller portrait

Makayla Roller

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jade Roseberry portrait

Jade Roseberry

University Supervisor of Student Teachers

(309) 438-3604

Sarah Rosenberg portrait

Sarah Rosenberg

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Benjamin Sadd portrait

Dr. Benjamin Sadd

Professor of Infectious Disease Ecology

(309) 438-2651

Yusuf Sarfati portrait

Dr. Yusuf Sarfati

Associate Professor/Director of the Middle Eastern and South Asian Minor Program

(309) 438-5785

Prachi Sarwara portrait

Prachi Sarwara

Master's Student BS University of Delhi (India)

Natalie Schaad portrait

Natalie Schaad

Director of Student Services and Assistant to the Department Chair

(309) 438-8669

Benjamin Schmeiser portrait

Benjamin Schmeiser

Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

(309) 438-7703

Alex Schwarz portrait

Alex Schwarz

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jason Shahan portrait

Jason Shahan

General Biology Lab Coordinator & Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8552

Kam Shapiro portrait

Dr. Kam Shapiro

Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Studies

(309) 438-7622

George Skadron portrait

George Skadron

Professor Emeritus and Chair Emeritus

James Skibo portrait

Dr. James Skibo

Distinguished Professor & Chair Emeritus

(309) 438-8668

Courtney Smith portrait

Courtney Smith

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Fred Smith portrait

Dr. Fred Smith

University Professor of Anthropology

(309) 438-5792

Barbi Smyser-Fauble portrait

Dr. Barbi Smyser-Fauble

Instructional Assistant Professor in Technical Communication

(309) 438-3518

Jean Standard portrait

Jean Standard

Professor Emerita, Physical Chemistry

(309) 438-7661

Nick Steinmetz portrait

Nick Steinmetz

Lecturer and Assistant Forensics Coach

(309) 438-3671

Derek Story portrait

Derek Story

Dir HR Sys Training & Com; Instructor

(309) 438-8587

Steve Suess portrait

Steve Suess

Director of Convergent Radio Broadcasting

(309) 438-5493

Sivanujan Suthaharan portrait

Sivanujan Suthaharan

Master's Student BS University of Jaffna (Sri Lanka) via IIT (Chicago)

Jane Swisher portrait

Jane Swisher

University Supervisor of Student Teachers

(309) 438-3604

Lisa Szczepura portrait

Lisa Szczepura

University Professor, Inorganic Chemistry

(309) 438-2359

Mary Tackett portrait

Mary Tackett

Coordinator of World Languages Teacher Education/Student Teaching Supervisor

(309) 438-7960

Melon Tanui portrait

Melon Tanui

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Aondover Tarhule portrait

Aondover Tarhule

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; Professor

Amanda Tay portrait

Amanda Tay

Graduate Assistant - Spanish

Jill Thomas portrait

Jill Thomas

Geography & Environmental Systems Science & Sustainability Advisor; Teacher Education Specialist

(309) 438-8403

Ryan Tinlin portrait

Ryan Tinlin

Assistant Director of Individual Events

(309) 438-2321

Tisa Trask portrait

Tisa Trask

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-5784

Roberta Trites portrait

Dr. Roberta Trites

Distinguished Professor of English Emerita

(309) 438-5703

Holms Troelstrup portrait

Holms Troelstrup

Assistant Director, Publications Unit

(309) 438-3025

Diane Urey portrait

Diane Urey

Distinguished Professor

David Valadez portrait

David Valadez

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Andres Vidal-Gadea portrait

Dr. Andres Vidal-Gadea

Associate Professor of Molecular Neuroethology

(309) 438-5220

Brittney Vietti portrait

Brittney Vietti

Director of Enrollment Management and Undergraduate Studies

(309) 438-3709

Brooklyn Vogel portrait

Brooklyn Vogel

English Education Advisor and Clinical Field Instructor

(309) 438-3425

Joyce Walker portrait

Dr. Joyce Walker

Associate Professor, Director of First Year Writing

(309) 438-1402

Mandy Webster portrait

Mandy Webster

Academic Science Advisor, Chemistry and Physics

(309) 438-1522

Christopher Wellin portrait

Dr. Christopher Wellin

Sociology Associate Professor, Gerontology Program Coordinator

(309) 438-7698

Jason Whitesel portrait

Dr. Jason Whitesel

Joint Appointment in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

(309) 438-8637

Emily Wiggins portrait

Emily Wiggins

Master's Student BS Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Miriam Wolff portrait

Miriam Wolff

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Maochao Xu portrait

Maochao Xu

Professor and Director of Master's Program

(309) 438-7674

Vivian Yawson portrait

Vivian Yawson

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Robert Young portrait

Robert Young

Professor Emeritus and Chair Emeritus

LJ Zigerell portrait

Dr. LJ Zigerell

Associate Professor/Assessment Director

(309) 438-7852