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Dr. Justin Bergfield

Associate Professor of Physics
Moulton Hall - MLT 301C
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M.Sc. Oxford University (2009), PhD University of Arizona (2011), CEO of Correlated Quanta (CQuanta),LLC.

Current Courses

484.001Advanced Quantum Mechanics

102.011Atoms To Galaxies

102.012Atoms To Galaxies

307.001Seminar In Physics

Research Interests & Areas

My group's research interests focus on systems where uniquely quantum resources, such as non-classical correlations (entanglement) and matter wave effects (superposition, interference), can be used to overcome classical design challenges or avoid them entirely. We develop the theories and codes necessary to investigate the entropy, charge, and spin transport through molecular junctions, open quantum systems composed of macroscopic electrodes coupled to microscopic molecules.

These systems are ideal for investigating the interplay between strongly correlated matter, quantum nonequilibrium thermodynamics, and information theory since quantum effects typically dominate a molecular junction’s response (even at room temperature) and can be harnessed via molecular design or junction symmetry. With our theories we study both fundamental and applied aspects of thermoelectric, spintronic, and “entanglement generation” quantum computing devices.

Journal Article

Baghernejad, M., Van Dyc,, C., Bergfield, J., Levine, D., Gubicza, A., Tovar, J., Hong, W., Calame, M., & Broekmann, P. Quantum Interference Enhanced Chemical Responsivity in Single‐Molecule Dithienoborepin Junctions. Chem. Eur. J. 25 (2019): 15141.
Bergfield, J., & Hendrickson, J. Signatures of Plexcitonic States in Molecular Electroluminescence. Nature Scientific Reports (2018)
Inui, S., Stafford, C., & Bergfield, J. Emergence of Fourier's Law of Heat Transport in Quantum Electron Systems. ACSNano (2018)
Bergfield, J., Heitzer, H., Van Dyck, C., Marks, T., & Ratner, M. Harnessing Quantum Interference in Molecular Dielectric Materials. ACS Nano 9 (2015): 6412-6418.


Bergfield, J., Ratner, M., Stafford, C., & Di Ventra, M. Tunable Quantum Temperature Oscillations in Graphene Nanostructures. Phys. Rev. B (2015)


Quantum Enhancement of the Spin-Thermopower in Single-Molecule Junctions. APS March Meeting. American Physical Society. (2023)
Quantum Thermoelectric Enhancement of Acyclic Cross-conjugated polymers. ISU Research Symposium. Illinois State University. (2023)
Quantum Information of Interference in Quantum Transport. APS March Meeting. American Physical Society. (2022)
Harnessing Quantum Correlations with Molecular Electronics. Invited Speaker at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. (2020)
Harnessing Quantum Correlations with Molecular Electronics. Invited Talk. (2020)
Quantum Interference Enhancement of Spin-Thermopower II. ISU Research Symposium. (2020)
Scanning Thermoelectric Microscope Theory. ISU Reseach Symposium. (2020)
Developing a Thermoelectric Microscope. NexSTEM Conference. (2019)
Emergence of Fourier’s law of heat transport in quantum electron systems. American Vacuum Society (AVS) Prairie Chapter Symposium. (2019)
Quantum Interference Enhancement of Spin-Thermopower. ISU Research Symposium. (2019)

Grants & Contracts

RUI: Quantum Enhanced Thermoelectric Response of Molecule-based Systems. National Science Foundation. Federal. (2018)