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Mr. Paul Meister

Coordinator of Academic Services
Felmley Hall of Science - FHS 203A
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Current Courses

102.001Planet Earth

102.002Planet Earth

102.003Planet Earth

102.004Planet Earth

102.005Planet Earth

102.006Planet Earth

102.007Planet Earth

102.008Planet Earth

102.009Planet Earth

102.010Planet Earth

102.011Planet Earth

102.012Planet Earth

102.013Planet Earth

102.014Planet Earth

102.015Planet Earth

102.016Planet Earth

102.017Planet Earth

102.018Planet Earth

102.019Planet Earth

102.020Planet Earth

102.021Planet Earth

102.022Planet Earth

307.002Teaching Geography/Earth Science in Middle and High School

Teaching Interests & Areas

Principles of Geology, Field Camp, Science Education

Research Interests & Areas

U-Pb Geochronology, Geologic Mapping, Education

MS Hydrogeology

Illinois State University
Normal, IL

BS Earth and Space Science Education

Illinois State University
Normal, IL

Impact Award

University College

Impact Award

University College

Impact Award

University College

Journal Article

Meixner, T., Ciancarelli, B., Farrell, E., Garc\'\ia, Silva D, Josek, T., Kelly, M., Meister, P., Soule, D., & Darner, R. Asynchronous student engagement in analysis of climate data achieves learning objectives related to climate change understanding, statistical competence, and climate anxiety. Journal of Geoscience Education (2023): 1--11.
Malone, D., Grimley, D., Gifford, J., Colgan, P., Craddock, J., Phillips, A., Meister, P., Lowe, T., & Rickels, E. Provenance of middle to late Pleistocene tills in Illinois, USA: evidence for long-distance (~ 2000 km) ice transport during two successive glaciations. Journal of Sedimentary Research 92.11 (2022): 1044--1052.