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Dr. Kerri Milita

Associate Professor
Politics and Government
Schroeder Hall - SCH 428
Office Hours
Tuesdays 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Thursdays 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. & by appointment
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I received my PhD from Florida State University in May 2014. I study American Politics and Public Policy.

Current Courses

220.001Campaign Politics

411.001Seminar In American Politics

213.001U.S. Congressional Politics

106.001United States Government And Civic Practices

Teaching Interests & Areas

Direct Democracy, Congress, Presidency, Public Policy

Research Interests & Areas

Direct Democracy, Congress, Election Laws, Candidate Position-Taking

Ph D Political Science

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL

MS Political Science

Florida State University

MA Policy Analysis

University of Central Florida

BA Political Science

University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL

RISE to the COVID Challenge


Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Hibbert R. Roberts Teaching Excellence Recognition

Department of Politics and Government

Book Review

Milita, K. Review of Congressional Challengers: Candidate Quality in U.S. Elections to Congress. Perspectives on Politics 20.3 (2022)
Milita, K. Review of Representing the Disadvantaged: Group Interests and Legislator Reputation in US Congress. Perspectives on Politics 20.3 (2022)
Milita, K. The Resilient Voter: Stressful Polling Places and Voting Behavior. Public Opinion Quarterly (2018)

Book, Chapter

Milita, K. Scandal in the Post-Abramoff Congress. Corruption, Accountability, and Discretion (2017)

Journal Article

Milita, K. Gendered Dynamics of Academic Networks. International Studies Perspectives 24.2 (2023): 189-229.
Milita, K. Ambiguous Rhetoric and Legislative Accountability (2021)
Milita, K. How Gender Affects the Efficacy of Discussion as an Information Shortcut. Political Science Research & Methods 8.2 (2020): 268-84.
Milita, K. It Could Happen to You: How Risk Exposures Shapes Attitudes Toward Social Welfare Policy in the American States. Journal of Public Policy (2020)
Milita, K. Social Media and the Changing Information Environment: Sentiment Differences in Read versus Re-Circulated News Content. Public Opinion Quarterly 84.1 (2020): 195-215.

Magazine/Trade Publication

Milita, K. Restrictive ballot access laws reduce the technical complexity of initiatives and make them more likely to pass. Chris Gilson (EDs). London School of Economics (2015)


Addressing Mental Health in the College Classroom. MPSA. (2024)
I've Seen That Before! Towards Understanding Hard News Exposure from Soft News Outlets. International Conference on Computational Social Science. (2024)
Candidate Position Taking on International Conflict and Health Care. MPSA. (2023)
Gender and Rhetorical Ambiguity. MPSA. (2022)
(Not So) Great Expectations: Why Ambiguity Benefits Women Candidates. Department of Politics & Government. (2021)
(Not So) Great Expectations: Why Women Candidates Benefit from Ambiguity. MPSA. (2021)
Candidate Gender and Rhetorical Ambiguity. MPSA. (2020)
Election Polling. Illinois Broadcasters' Association. (2020)
Trust in Government and Negative Information Shape US Protest Voting. MPSA. (2020)
Amplifying Underrepresented Voices in Political Science. MPSA. (2019)

Grants & Contracts

Evaluating the Effectiveness of WomenAlsoKnowStuff. American Political Science Association. Private. (2020)
Inequalities in Political Science. Democracy Fund. Private. (2019)
The "Women Also Know Stuff" Initiative. National Science Foundation. Federal. (2018)
Ambiguous Rhetoric and Legislative Accountability. Time Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences. Federal. (2017)
Children of the 'Copter: Helicopter Parenting and the Policy Attitudes of College Students. Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Illinois State University. (2016)