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Raymond Bergner

Degarmo Hall - DEG 440
Office Hours
MW, 1to 2, or by appointment.
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Current Courses

436.001Practicum In Clinical-Counseling Psychology


Teaching Interests & Areas

Psychopathology, Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Clinical Supervision

Research Interests & Areas

Descriptive Psychology Clinically useful conceptualizations of psychopathologies Psychotherapy Research on love and sexuality Psychotherapy integration Philosophy of Science

Ph D

Arts and Sciences Lecturer

College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University

Journal Article

Bergner, R. (In press; available online). What is “Behavior?” And Why is it Not Reducible To Biological States of Affairs? Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.
Bunford, N., & Bergner, R. Suicide and impossible worlds: An empirical investigation of worlds theory. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention 33 (2012): 335-343.
Bridges, A., Bergner, R., & Hesson-McInnis, M. Romantic partners' use of pornography: Its significance for women. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 29 (2003): 1-14.


Boros, R., Bergner, R., & Lannin, D.G. (April, 2021). Why does belief in determinism predict the Dark Triad?. [Poster Session]. Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. (Conference online)
Bergner, R. (October, 2015). What is “Behavior?” And Why is it Not Reducible To Biological States of Affairs? Paper presented at 37th Annual Conference of the Society for Descriptive Psychology, Golden, CO.
A policy-based approach to psychotherapy. 34th Annual Conference of the Society for Descriptive. Society for Descriptive Psychology. (2012)