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Hiroshi Matsuoka

Professor Emeritus
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Research Interests & Areas

Dr. Matsuoka's research specialty is theoretical many-body physics. His research experience includes elementary particle physics, superconductivity, and molecular dynamics. He is currently using molecular dynamics simulations to investigate phase transitions in microclusters.


University of Illinois


University of Illinois

materials engineering

University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Journal Article

Matsuoka, H. A macroscopic model that connects the molar excess entropy of a supercooled liquid near its glass transition temperature to its viscosity. Journal of Chemical Physics 137.204506 (2012): 9 pages.
Matsuoka, H. Chromo-field flux sheets as confining guage field configurations in the SU(N) Euclidean Yang-mills thoery in the Landau gauge. Physical Review D 85.065009 (2012): 10 pages.
Matsuoka, H. Green-Kubo formulas with symmetrized correlation functions for quantum systems in steady states: the shear viscosity of a fluid in a steady shear flow. Journal of Statistical Physics 148.933 (2012): 18 pages.
Matsuoka, H. and R. F. Martin, Jr., “Long time tails of the velocity autocorrelation functions for the triangular periodic Lorentz gas”, J. Statistical Physics, 88, 81, 1997.
Martin, R., & Matsuoka, H. Large-scale chaos in the neutral-line Hamiltonian.. Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics 47.1 (1993): 721-723.


Observational Signatures of Nonlinear Charged Particle Dynamics and Chaos in the Earth’s Magnetotail. Dynamics Days. (2012)