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Graham Jones

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Book, Chapter

Langrall, C. W., Mooney, E. S., Nisbet, S., & Jones, G. A. (2008). Elementary students’ access to powerful mathematical ideas. In L. English (Ed.), Handbook of international research in mathematics education, 2nd edition. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum (pp. 109 – 135).
Jones, G. A., Langrall, C. .W., Mooney, E. S., & Thornton, C.A. (2004). Models of development in statistical reasoning. In D. Ben-Zvi & J. Garfield (Eds.), The challenge of developing statistical literacy, reasoning, and thinking (pp. 97-117). Dordrecht, Holland: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Journal Article

Jones, G., Langrall, C., & Mooney, E. Research in probability: Responding to classroom realities. Second handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning 2 (2007): 909--955.
Nisbet, S., Jones, G. A., Thornton, C. A., Langrall, C. W., & Mooney, E. S. (2003). Children’s representation and organization of data. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 15(1), 42 – 58.
Jones, G., Langrall, C., Thornton, C., Mooney, E., Wares, A., Jones, M., Perry, B., Putt, I., & Nisbet, S. Using students' statistical thinking to inform instruction. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 20.1 (2001): 109--144.
Jones, G.A., Thornton, C. A., Langrall, C. W., Mooney, E. S., Perry, B., & Putt, I. J. (2000). A framework for characterizing children’s statistical thinking. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 2 (4), 269-307.