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Dr. Cassie Herbert

Assistant Professor
Stevenson Hall - STV 323F
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I work at the intersections of social philosophy, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of language. In both my research and my teaching, I'm centrally interested in how systems of power, privilege, oppression, and resistance function in everyday interactions. I believe that the things we do in our daily lives matter, and can play a profound role in shaping our communities and our interactions with one another.

Please visit my website for more information about my research or the courses I teach.

Current Courses

246.001Feminist Philosophies

104.002The Ideal Of Democracy

104.003The Ideal Of Democracy

202.001Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality

Teaching Interests & Areas

Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Sex, Philosophy of Language, Social Epistemology

Research Interests & Areas

- Pragmatics of derogatory terms, slurs, and everyday harmful language
- Pragmatics of online harassment
- Understanding and responding to sexual violations
- Scaffolding sexual agency

PhD Philosophy

Georgetown University
Washington, DC

BA Philosophy & Politics

Bates College
Lewiston, ME

Journal Article

Herbert, C. The Speech Acts of #MeToo. APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy 19.1 (2019): 16-20.
Herbert, C. Online Misogyny and Philosophy. Women in Philosophy Blog of the APA (2018)
Kukla, Q., & Herbert, C. Moral Ecologies and the Harms of Sexual Violation. Philosophical Topics 46.2 (2018): 247-268.
Herbert, C., & Kukla, R. Ingrouping, Outgrouping, and the Pragmatics of Peripheral Speech. Journal of the American Philosophical Association 2.4 (2016): 576-596.
Herbert, C. Precarious projects: The performative structure of reclamation. Language Sciences 52.Special Issue on Slurs (2015): 131-138.