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Kelly Clemens

Assistant Professor
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Committed to improving physical/mental health and well-being by conducting experimental research aimed at understanding mechanisms, evaluating and implementing interventions, and informing policy. Originally from Michigan. Love dogs, nature, and games. Avid reader and writer.

Current Courses

286.003Honors Undergraduate Research II

111.006Introduction To Psychology

111.007Introduction To Psychology

111.008Introduction To Psychology

223.001Social Psychology

290.015Special Projects: Research Apprenticeship

291.015Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching

499.015Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

Teaching Interests & Areas

Health psychology, social psychology, emotion, research methods, quantitative methods, measurement

Research Interests & Areas

My research sits at the intersection of social and health psychology, and focuses on how psychological processes influence health- and treatment-related behaviors (e.g., uptake, adherence) and outcomes (e.g., placebo and nocebo effects).

PhD Psychology

University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

MA Psychology

University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Oakland University
Rochester, MI

BS Education

Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI

Journal Article

Seligman, L., Geers, A., Kramer, L., Clemens, K., Pituch, K., Colagiuri, B., Marusak, H., Rabinak, C., Turner, N., & Nedley, M. Study protocol of an investigation of attention and prediction error as mechanisms of action for latent inhibition of dental fear in humans (2023)
Babel, P., Jensen, K., Klosowska, J., Bajcar, A., Mattarozi, K., Joshanloo, K., Bagnis, A., Bieniek, H., Braaczyk, J., Ponten, M., Lalouni, M., Park, J., Clemens, K., Choi, H., & Geers, A. Development and cross‐national investigation of a model explaining participation in WHO‐recommended and placebo behaviours to prevent COVID‐19 infection (2022)
Clemens, K., Jason, E., Faasse, K., Colagiuri, B., & Colloca, L. Social communication pathways to COVID-19 vaccine side-effect expectations and experience (2022)
Geers, A., Clemens, K., Jason, E., Faasse, K., Colagiuri, B., & Colloca, L. Do side effects to the primary covid-19 vaccine reduce intentions for a COVID-19 vaccine booster? (2022)
Geers, A., Clemens, K., Faasse, K., Colagiuri, B., Webster, R., Vase, L., Sieg, M., Jason, E., & Colloca, L. Psychosocial factors predict COVID-19 vaccine side effects (2022)


Simple exchange messages improve COVID-19 handwashing intentions through changes in positive affect.. American Public Health Association Annual Conference. (2021)