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Dr. Matt Caplan

Assistant Professor
Moulton Hall - MLT 312A
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Dr. Caplan joined ISU in the fall of 2019. He earned his PhD from Indiana University in 2017. Prior to joining ISU, Dr. Caplan was a CITA National Fellow at the McGill Space Institute. His research uses large scale computer simulations to study the interiors of neutron stars.

Current Courses

390.019Computational Research In Physics

299.019Independent Honor Study

499.001Independent Research in Physics

220.001Mechanics I

220.002Mechanics I

205.001Origin Of The Universe

290.019Research In Physics

499.019Independent Research in Physics

490.019Research Development in Physics

Research Interests & Areas

Stars freeze. At the end of their lives stars cool and contract forming white dwarfs and neutron stars. In these extremely dense environments nuclei can be packed so closely that they freeze solid, forming materials many trillions of times denser than anything on earth. Dr. Caplan uses large scale computer simulations to study these 'astromaterials' and calculate their physical properties to interpret astronomical observations of dead stars.

Cottrell Scholar Award

Research Corporation For Science Advancement

KITP Scholar

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

University Distinguished Dissertation Award

Indiana University

Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics

American Physical Society