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Dr. Jeff Helms

Biological Sciences Pre-Health Professions Advisor / Instructional Assistant Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Science Laboratory Building - SLB 408
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Current Courses

398.001Professional Practice: Healthcare

398.001Professional Practice: Healthcare

Journal Article

Gatto, C., Helms, J., Prasse, M., Huang, S., Zou, X., Arnett, K., & Milanick, M. Similarities and differences between organic cation inhibition of the Na,K-ATPase and PMCA.. Biochemistry 45.44 (2006): 13331-45.
Gatto, C., Helms, J., Prasse, M., Arnett, K., & Milanick, M. Kinetic characterization of tetrapropylammonium inhibition reveals how ATP and Pi alter access to the Na+-K+-ATPase transport site.. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology 289.2 (2005): C302-11.
Helms, J., Arnett, K., Gatto, C., & Milanick, M. Bretylium, an organic quaternary amine, inhibits the Na,K-ATPase by binding to the extracellular K-site.. Blood cells, molecules & diseases 32.3 (2004): 394-400.