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Susil Baral

Assistant Professor - Physical Chemistry
Science Laboratory Building - SLB 311
Office Hours
Mon. & Wed. 2-3 p.m. or by appointment
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Current Courses

299.001Independent Honor Study In Chemistry

499.001Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

360.001Physical Chemistry I

361.003Physical Chemistry Laboratory I

290.001Research in Chemistry

490.001Research In Chemistry

490.007Research In Chemistry

Teaching Interests & Areas

Physical Chemistry
Single Polymer Dynamics

Research Interests & Areas

Research in our lab focuses on developing and applying single-molecule microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to understand the fundamental behavior of materials. In the first direction, we use magnetic tweezers microscopy to investigate the single-chain conformation and dynamics of the synthetic polymers to acquire knowledge for developing polymer materials with tailored mechanical properties. In the second direction, we use fluorescence microscopy to study the light-matter interactions in plasmonic nanoparticles to acquire knowledge for developing nanoscale materials with enhanced optical properties.


Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

PhD Chemistry

Ohio University
Athens, OH

Book, Authored

Miandashti, A., Baral, S., Santiago, E., Khorashad, L., Govorov, A., & Richardson, H. Photo-Thermal Spectroscopy with Plasmonic and Rare-Earth Doped (Nano) Materials: Basic Principles and Applications. Springer (2019)

Journal Article

Baral, S., Liu, C., Mao, X., Coates, G., & Chen, P. Tuning Single-Polymer Growth via Hydrogen Bonding in Conformational Entanglements. ACS Cent. Sci. (2022)
Baral, S., Liu, C., Chakraborty, U., Kubo, K., Mao, X., Coates, G., & Chen, P. Single-chain polymerization dynamics and conformational mechanics of conjugated polymers. Chem (2021)
Liu, C., Baral, S., Gu, K., Mao, X., & Chen, P. Real-Time Single-Polymer Growth towards Single-Monomer Resolution. Trends Chem. (2021)
Baral, S., Miandashti, A., & Richardson, H. Near-field thermal imaging of optically excited gold nanostructures: scaling principles for collective heating with heat dissipation into the surrounding medium. Nanoscale (2018)
Alaulamie, A., Baral, S., Johnson, S., & Richardson, H. Targeted Nanoparticle Thermometry: A Method to Measure Local Temperature at the Nanoscale Point Where Water Vapor Nucleation Occurs. Small (2017)