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Dr. Paul Garris

Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology
Research & Sponsored Programs
Felmley Hall Annex FSA FSA 233
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B.A. Religion. Earlham College. Richmond, IN. 1983

Ph.D. Physiology and Biophysics. Indiana University School of Medicine. Indianapolis, IN. 1990

Postdoctoral Associate. Analytical Chemistry. University of North Carolina. 1990-1995

Current Courses

499Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

Teaching Interests & Areas

Neuroscience; Animal Physiology; General Biology

Research Interests & Areas

Drugs of abuse; Parkinson's disease; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; microsensor instrumentation development

Post-Doc Analytical Chemistry

University of North Carolina

Ph D Physiology and Biophysics

Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN

BA Religion

Earlham College
Richmond, IN

Book, Chapter

Garris PA and Keefe KA. 2014. Voltammetric analysis of loss and gain of dopamine function. In Compendium of In Vivo Monitoring in Real-Time Molecular Neuroscience (Eds. Wilson GS and Michael AC). World Scientific Publishing Co, Hackensak, New Jersey USA. Pgs. 287-309.
Covey, D., Bennet, K., Blaha, C., Mohseni, M., Lee, K., & Garris, P. Technological evolution of wireless neurochemical sensing with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry. Iniewski K (EDs), Integrated Microsystems and Nanotechnology. Artech House (2011): 174-164.
Sandberg, S., & Garris, P. Neurochemistry of addiction: monitoring essential neurotransmitters of addiction. Kuhn CM and Koob GF (EDs), Frontiers in the Neurobiology of Addiction. CRC Press (2010): 101-136.

Conference Proceeding

Roham, M., Covey, D., Daberkow, D., Ramsson, E., Howard, C., Garris, P., & Mohseni, P. An implanted device for wireless FSCV monitoring of dopamine in an ambulatory subject. Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Soc. (2010): 5322-5325.
Covey, D., & Garris, P. Using fast-scan cyclic voltammetry to evaluate striatal dopamine release elicited by subthalamic nucleus stimulation. Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng Med. Biol. Soc. (2009): 3306-3309.
Kimble, C., Johnson, D., Winter, B., Whitlock, S., Kressin, K., Home, A., Robinson, J., Bledsoe, J., Tye, S., Chang, S., Agnesi, F., Griessenauer, C., Covey, D., Shon, Y., Bennet, K., Garris, P., & Lee, K. Wireless instantaneous neurotransmitter concentration sensing system (WINCS) for intraoperative neurochemical monitoring. Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng Med. Biol. Soc (2009): 4856-4859.
Roham, M., Blaha, C., Garris, P., Lee, K., & Mohseni, P. A configurable IC for wireless real-time in vivo monitoring of chemical and electrical neural activity. Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng Med. Biol. Soc (2009): 4222-4225.
Roham, M., Garris, P., & Mohseni, P. A wireless IC for time-share chemical and electrical neural recording. IEEE Int Solid-state Circuits Conference (2009): 430-431.

Journal Article

Zamani H, Bahrami H, Chalwadi P, Garris PA, and Mohseni P. 2020. Compressed Principal Component Regression (C-PCR) Algorithm and FPGA Validation. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs 67:3512-3516.
Schuweiler DR, Athens JM, Thompson JM, Vazhayil ST, and Garris PA. 2018. Effects of an acute therapeutic or rewarding dose of amphetamine on acquisition of Pavlovian autoshaping and ventral striatal dopamine signaling. Behavioural Brain Research. 336:191-203.
Schuweiler DR, Howard CD, Ramsson ES, and Garris PA. 2018. Improving in situ electrode calibration with principal component regression for fast-scan cyclic voltammetry. Analytical Chemistry. 90:13434-13442.
Zamani H, Bahrami H, Chalwadi P, Garris PA, and Mohseni P. 2018. C-FSCV: Compressive fast-scan cyclic voltammetry for brain dopamine recording. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitative Engineering. 26:51-59.
Zamani H, Bahrami H, Garris PA, and Mohseni P. 2017. On the use of compressive sensing (CS) for brain dopamine recording with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV). Conf. Proc. IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. pp. 310-313.

Grants & Contracts

Therapeutic psychostimulants, associative learning, and dopamine function. URG FRA. Illinois State University. (2017)