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Serenah Minasian

PhD Student
Stevenson Hall - STV 421L
Office Hours
Monday 4-5, Tuesday 2-3:30, Thursday 2-3:30 and by appointment.
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I am a PhD student with a focus in 18th-20th century British literature alongside feminist, queer, and gender studies. I went to ISU for my Masters Degree and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Certificate.

Current Courses

128.005Gender In The Humanities

121.007Texts & Contexts: Literary Studies

Teaching Interests & Areas

English, gender and sexuality studies, British literature, feminist theory, queer theory, women in literature, and cross disciplinary studies.

Research Interests & Areas

British literature, feminist theory, queer theory, gender theory, sexuality studies, gender studies, psychoanalytic theory, Indigenous literature, cross disciplinary studies, Armenian literature, and women in literature.


Illinois State University