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Dr. Steven Juliano

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
School of Biological Sciences
Felmley Hall Annex FSA 335
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Teaching Interests & Areas

Community Ecology. Introductory Ecology, Entomology. Biostatistics. Advanced Biostatistics. Application of Mathematics to Biology.

Research Interests & Areas

Community ecology, especially the roles of interspecific competition and predation in communities. Ecology of mosquitoes. Connections between behavioral, physiological, population and community ecology. Applied statistics. Application of Mathematical tools to Ecology

Post-Doc Ecology

University of York
York, England

Ph D Zoology

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

MS Entomology

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

BA Biology

Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo, MI

Recognition Award in Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology:

Entomological Society of America, Medical, Urban, Veterinary Entomology Section

Five Million Dollar Club

Illinois State University

Honorary Member

Entomological Society of Iran

One Million Dollar Club

Illinois State University

Dean’s Award for outstanding scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences; ISU

Distinguished Service Award

Society of Vector Ecology

College Outstanding Service Award

Illinois State University

Distinguished Professor

Illinois State University

Arts and Science Lecturer

Illinois State University

Florida Entomological Society Team Award,

Florida Entomological Society

Book, Chapter

Juliano, SA, LP Lounibos. 2016. Invasions by mosquitoes: the roles of behaviour across the life cycle. in, JS Weis & D Sol, eds. Biological Invasions and Animal Behaviour. Cambridge Univ. Press, pp. 245-265
Juliano, S. Population dynamics.. Biorational Control of Mosquitoes. Journal of the Mosquito Control Association 23 (2007): 265-275.

Journal Article

Juliano, SA, JA Goughnour, GD Ower. 2022. Predation in many dimensions: Spatial context is important for meaningful functional response experiments. Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution
Sauers, LA, KE Hawes, SA Juliano. 2022 Non-linear relationships between density and demographic traits in three Aedes species. Scientific Reports, 12:8075
Chandrasegaran K and Juliano SA (2019) How Do Trait-Mediated
Non-lethal Effects of Predation Affect Population-Level Performance of Mosquitoes? Front. Ecol. Evol. 7:25. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2019.00025
Juliano, S.A, K.M. Westby, G.D. Ower. 2019. Know your enemy:Effects of a predator on native and invasive container mosquitoes. Journal of Medical Entomology. 56: 320–328 https://doi: 10.1093/jme/tjy196
Neale, ZR, SA Juliano. 2019. Finding the sweet spot: What levels of larval mortality lead to compensation or overcompensation in adult production? Ecosphere 10(9):e02855.


Density effects on Aedes albopictus: Unintended consequences of mosquito control?. Biomathematics & Ecology, Education & Research Annual Meeting. Biomathematics program ISU, others. (2015)

Grants & Contracts

Interacoes troficas e preferencia de oviposicao em criadouros de mosquitos vetores [Trophic interactions and oviposition preferences for containers by vector mosquitoes]. CNPQ BRAZIL. Other. (2016)
Supplement to: Multispecies competition, indirect effects, and invasion in mosquito communities. National Institutes of Health ARRA Supplement. Federal. (2009)
FIRCA supplement to R01: Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes and Dengue in Brazil.. National Institutes of Health R03. Federal. (2008)
Multispecies competition, indirect effects, and invasion in mosquito communities. National Institutes of Health R15. Federal. (2007)
Dispersal and phylogeography of Aedes aegypti. National Institutes of Health R15. Federal. (2006)