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Dr. Fernanda Duque

Assistant Professor of Neuroethology
School of Biological Sciences
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I am originally from Ecuador, where I developed my love for nature, animal behavior, and the brain. I did my PhD in Neuroscience at Georgia State University, studying the evolution of high-frequency vocalizations in hummingbirds. Then, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Hofstra University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, investigating the conserved neural mechanisms of maternal care in birds and mammals.

I love birding, hiking, yoga, listening to podcasts, and playing with my dogs!

Current Courses

499.017Independent Research For The Master's Thesis


499.017Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

Teaching Interests & Areas

Neurobiology / Animal behavior / Hormones and behavior / Neuroethology / Neuroendocrinology / Animal communication / Scientific writing

Research Interests & Areas

Multimodal communication and social behavior
/ Vocal communication and sensory adaptations
/ Neural processing of multimodal signals
/ Neural mechanisms of social behaviors
/ Evolution of communication signals
/ Behavioral plasticity in social contexts
/ Changing environments and stress response
/ Adaptations to extreme environments

PhD Neuroscience

Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA, USA

BA Psychology

Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Quito, Ecuador

Journal Article

Fernández-Gómez, R.A., Ku-Peralta, W., Botero-Restrepo, D., Niño-Rodríguez, N., Laverde-R, O., Pantoja-Sánchez, H.E., Álvarez-Rebolledo, M., Marín-Gómez, O.H., Duque, F.G., and N. Ocampo-Peñuela (2023). La voz de nuestras aves: contribuciones de la bioacústica a la ornitología colombiana. Ornitología Colombiana. 23:3-30.
Duque, F.G., and L.L. Carruth (2022). Vocal communication in hummingbirds [Review]. Brain, Behavior, and Evolution. 97:241-252.
Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Duque, F.G., and J.A. Clarke (2022). Precise and non-scalar timing of intervals in a bird vocalization. Animal behaviour. 191:165-177.
Duque, F.G., Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Monteros, M.F., and W. Wilczynski (2021). Transmission of high-frequency vocalizations from hummingbirds living in diverse habitats. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 132(1):148-160.
Duque, F.G., Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Uma, S.a*, Nasir, I.a*, Monteros, M.F., Wilczynski, W., and L.L. Carruth (2020). High-frequency hearing in a hummingbird. Science Advances. 6(29): eabb9393.


Evolution of high-frequency hearing in hummingbirds. Sensorium 2023. Universtiy of Chicago, American Society of Naturalists. (2023)
Evolution of high-frequency vocalizations and hearing in hummingbirds. Evolution, Ecology and Behavior seminar. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. (2023)