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Dr. Jordan Arellanes

Assistant Professor
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Grew up in Golden, Colorado. Avid sports fan. Obtained Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University. Dedicated to student educational attainment and career success.

Current Courses

390.005Advanced Research Apprenticeship

327.001Cultural Psychology: Latino/A Psychology

111.001Introduction To Psychology

111.002Introduction To Psychology

111.003Introduction To Psychology

111.004Introduction To Psychology

111.005Introduction To Psychology

391.005Scholarship Of Teaching & Learning Apprenticeship

290.005Special Projects: Research Apprenticeship

291.005Special Projects:Undergraduate Teaching

499.005Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

392.001Senior Seminar

Teaching Interests & Areas

Classrooms are an opportunity to learn more about the contextual factors that support students' future development. Often, people need assurance of their capabilities or the opportunity to explore what they are passionate about. My classes are designed to help students explore their interests through practice and discussions. Some of the best learning opportunities we can make are through discussions and personal connections with the materials. Trained in flipped classrooms, team-based learning, and SoTL designs.

Research Interests & Areas

I am a trained mixed-methodologist with two main interests, 1) fatherhood and 2) educational equity for Latino families. My work is centered on the belief that research should be designed to make a positive impact for others. Of particular interest, is how do we find our role within society and how can others (parents, mentors, coaches, teachers) change the way we view ourselves and our societal roles. I engage in community-based practice research and the study of teaching and learning.

PhD Human Development and Family Studies

Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

MS Educational Psychology

University of Colorado, Denver
Denver, Colorado

BS Human Development and Family Studies

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

2021 Jim Johnson Award

Psy Chi SPA

2020 Impact Award

Illinois State University

2019 Best Conference Proposal Award

National Council on Family Relations

2017 Best Student Paper Award

National Council on Family Relations

2017 Feldman Outstanding Research Proposal for Research in Family Policy

National Council on Family Relations

Journal Article

Arellanes, Jordan, Michael Hendricks, and Chang Su-Russell. 2024. “Cultivating A Collectivist Community on A College Campus for Latinx Students.” Journal of Latinos and Education.

Arellanes, J. A., Greder, K. A. & Lohman, B. J. (2023). The intersection of first-generation Latino fathers’ work, cultural values, and communication in their children’s educational attainment, Journal of Latinos and Education, 22(5). 2008-2022
Wesselmann, E. D., Hesson-McInnis, M. S., Beck, J. S., Atkinson, C. D., & Arellanes, J. A. (2023). Discussing one’s fan interests with others can satisfy or threaten psychological needs. Journal of Fandom Studies. 10(2&3). 157-177.
Arellanes, J. A., Noël-Elkins, A., & Friberg, J. (2022) Is Student Success an Outcome or Process?: A Student-led Definition and Description. 56(4). pp. 411-421. College Student Journal
Miller, K., Arellanes, J. A., & James, L. (2022). Supporting father engagement: What can we learn from fathers? Journal of Family Diversity in Education. 4(2), 95-114.


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Grants & Contracts

Teaching of Psychology’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research Grant. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Illinois State University. (2023)
Development of a Contextual Understanding of Student Success on Campus. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning University Research Grants (URGs) FY22.. Illinois State University. (2021)
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion within the Classroom Through Innovative Teaching Practices. Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Illinois State University. (2021)
2019-2020 New Faculty Initiative Grant. College of Arts and Sciences. Illinois State University. (2020)
Seed Grants for New SoTL Scholars (FY20). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Illinois State University. (2019)