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Dr. Wondessen Seyoum

Associate Professor
Felmley Hall Annex FSA 443
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Current Courses

499.002Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

499.006Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

400.003Independent Study

102.001Planet Earth

319.001Watershed Analysis And Modeling

419.001Watershed Analysis and Modeling

499.001Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

499.102Independent Research For The Masters Thesis Final Year

Teaching Interests & Areas

Watershed Modeling, Applied Groundwater Modeling, Remote Sensing Hydrology

Research Interests & Areas

Hydrogeolgy and Water Resources, Remote Sensing Hydrology, Hydrologic Modeling, Climate and Human Impact in water availability

Ph D Hydrogeology and Remote Sensing

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

MS Hydrogeology

Kent State University
Kent, OH

BS Geology

Addis Ababa University
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

Department of Geology, University of Georgia

University Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Book, Chapter

Abiy, A., Melesse, A., Seyoum, W.M., & Abtew, W. Drought and Climate Teleconnection and Drought Monitoring. Extreme Hydrology and Climate Variability: Monitoring, Modelling, Adaptation and Mitigation. ELSEVIER (2019)

Journal Article

Gebremichael, E., Seyoum, W. M., Ishimwe, B., Sataer, G., 2022, “Lake Surface Area Expansion: Insights into the Role of Volcano-Tectonic Processes, Lake Beseka, East Africa.” Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 41:101093. doi:
Oware, P., Seyoum, W.M., Malone, D.H., and Lanning, A., 2022, Groundwater flow path and travel time using numerical models to understand radium transport in deep bedrock aquifers: Environmental Earth Science, v. 81, p. 463-479. DOI:1007/s12665-022-10580-w.
Riedel, J. W., Peterson, E. W., Dogwiler, T. J., and Seyoum, W. M., 2022, Investigating Thermal Controls on the Hyporheic Flux as Evaluated Using Numerical Modeling of Flume-Derived Data: Hydrology, v. 9, no. 9, p. 156, doi:10.3390/hydrology9090156
Ambrose-Igho, G., Seyoum, W.M., Perry, W.L., O’Reilly, C.M., 2021. Spatiotemporal Analysis of Water Quality Indicators in Small Lakes Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data: Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake, Central Illinois, USA. Environmental Processes, 8(2): 637-660. DOI:10.1007/s40710-021-00519-x
Bosompemaa, P., Peterson, E., Perry, W., & Seyoum, W. Recycling of nitrate and organic matter by plants in the vadose zone of a saturated riparian buffer. Water, Air, and Soil (2021)


The influence of tile flow on the transport-fate of nitrate in the vadose zone of a saturated riparian buffer zone: A case study in central Illinois. The Geological Society of America Connects 2023. Geological Society of America. (2023)
Dooley, A. and Seyoum, W., 2023 “Spectrum of the Lakes: Unveiling Water Color of Minnesota's Sentinel Lakes with Satellite Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2023,
Seyoum, W. and Dooley, A., 2023 “Remotely Sensed Water Color as a Proxy for Monitoring Water Quality in Inland Lakes” EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-3784,, 2023
Using a Tracer Test to Assess the Fate and Transport of Nitrate in a Saturated Buffer Zone. Illinois Groundwater Association Spring Meeting, 2022. Illinois Groundwater Association. (2022)
Oladuji, O., Seyoum, W., Peterson, E., O'Reilly, C., and Perry, W., 2022 “Trends In Nutrient Load And Driving Factors in the Illinois River Basin” Geological Society of America, Annual Conference, Denver, CO. (Poster)
An Integrated Time-Series Surface Deformation Analysis Using Insar, Gnss, And Nldas Data. Geological Society of America. (2021)
Effects Of Thermal Variation On Flow Dynamics In The Hyporheic Zone. Geological Society of America. (2021)
Natural Nitrate Removal in Shallow Subsurface Stream Flows. 2021 Emerging Contaminants in the Environment Conference (ECEC21). INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY, AND ENVIRONMENT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA-CHAMPAIGN. (2021)
Natural nitrate removal in shallow subsurface stream flows. Illinois Groundwater Association Fall 2021 Meeting. Illinois Groundwater Association. (2021)
Natural nitrate removal in shallow subsurface stream flows. 2021 Joint Section Meeting; 55th Annual Meeting of the North-Central Section; 55th Annual Meeting of the South-Central Section. Geological Society of America. (2021)

Grants & Contracts

2020 - 2022 - City of Bloomington: Understanding and monitoring local water quality. City of Bloomington. Local. (2020)
Interrogating pennycress natural and induced variation to improve abiotic stress tolerance and oilseed bioenergy crop resilience. U.S. Department of Energy. Federal. (2020)
High Resolution mapping of Subsurface Tile Drainage in Agricultural fields using High-resolution Unmanned Arial systems (UAS). Office of Sustainability. Illinois State University. (2019)
2017 - 2019 - City of Bloomington: Understanding and monitoring local water quality. City of Bloomington. Local. (2017)
The Effect of Cover Crops on Surface Water Quality: A Paired Watershed Experiment in the Lake Bloomington Watershed. Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council. State. (2017)