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Dr. Daniel Holland

Department Chair & Professor
Moulton Hall - MLT 311B
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Dr. Holland is a theoretical space and plasma physicist specializing in the causes and effects of short scale length magnetized equilibria.

Current Courses

240.001Electricity And Magnetism I

240.002Electricity And Magnetism I

299.004Independent Honor Study

287.004Independent Study

298.004Professional Practice In Physics

290.004Research In Physics

Teaching Interests & Areas

Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Energy, Space and Plasma Physics

Research Interests & Areas

Magnetospheric Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Magnetized Sheath, Ion Propulsion

Ph D Physis

University of California - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

MS Physics


MS Mathematics

Lamar University

BS Physics

Lamar University

Outstanding University Service Award

Illinois State University

Team Excellence Award - Master Plan

Illinois State University

Team Excellence Award - Gladly We Give

Illinois State University

Outstanding College Service Award for the Sciences

Illinois State University College of Arts and Sciencs

Team Excellence Award - Solar Car

Illinois State University

Outstanding College Teacher Award for the Sciences

Illinois State University College of Arts and Sciencs

Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Journal Article

McGinnis, C., Holland, D., Su, Q., & Grobe, R. Universal scaling laws for optimally excited nonlinear oscillators. Phys Rev E (2020)
D. L. Holland, M. E. Presley*, R. F. Martin, H. Matsuoka, “The uncertainty dimension and fractal boundaries for charged particle dynamics in the magnetotail”, J. Geophys. Res., 116, A08207, doi:10.1029/2010JA016146, 2011.


Effects of Diamagnetism on Magnetotail Current Sheet Equilibrium. AAS. (2020)
Effects of Pitch Angle Scattering on Nonlinear Charged Particles Dynamics in a Magnetic Field Reversal. AGU Fall Meeting. (2020)
Self-Consistent Calculation of the Magnetic Field Reversal. AGU Fall Meeting. (2020)
Holland Self-Consistent Equilibria in the Earth’s Magnetotail Current Sheet. AGU Fall Meeting. (2019)
The effects of collisions on observational signatures of nonlinear charged particle dynamics in the magnetotail. Dynamics Days. (2019)
Hollow Cathode Modeling Using XOOPIC and VORPAL. NASA Glenn Research Center. (2012)
Observational Signatures of Nonlinear Charged Particle Dynamics and Chaos in the Earth’s Magnetotail. Dynamics Days. (2012)
PIC Simulation of Plasma Devices. NASA Glenn Research Center. (2012)
ISU is Ranked in the 95th Percentile for Binge Drinking: Shhhh!. ISU Teaching and Learning Symposioum. (2011)

Grants & Contracts

Observational Signatures of Current Sheet Structures Using Nonlinear Dynamics Modeling and Geotail/Cluster Data.. NASA. Federal. (2003)
Hollow Cathode Modeling Using XOOPIC and VORPAL. NASA /Ohio Aerospace Institute.