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Dr. Anne-Katrin Eggert

Research Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Felmley Hall Annex FSA 153A
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Teaching Interests & Areas

animal behavior

Research Interests & Areas

I am interested in the behavioral ecology of insect reproduction, specifically the evolution of parental care, communal breeding, and male mating behavior.

Ph D Biology

Bielefeld University
Bielefeld, Germany

MS Biology

Bielefeld University
Bielefeld, Germany

Book, Chapter

Eggert, A.-K. 2014. Cooperative breeding in insects and vertebrates. In: Oxford Bibliographies in Evolutionary Biology (Ed. J. Losos). New York: Oxford University Press.
Müller, J.K. and A.-K. Eggert. 2010. Fortpflanzungsverhalten. In: Lehrbuch der Entomologie. Teil 1 (K. Dettner & W. Peters, eds.). Spektrum Academischer Verlag, Heidelberg. pp. 437-463.

Journal Article

Farchmin, P.A., Eggert, A. K., Duffield, K. R. and S.K. Sakaluk. 2020. Dynamic terminal investment in male burying beetles. Animal Behaviour 163: 1-7.
Capodeanu-Nägler, A., Eggert, A.-K., Vogel, H., Sakaluk, S.K. and S. Steiger. 2018. Species divergence in offspring begging and parental provisioning is linked to nutritional dependency of larval burying beetles. Behavioral Ecology 29: 42-50.
Capodeanu-Nägler, A., Prang, M.A., Trumbo, S.T., Vogel, H., Eggert, A.-K., Sakaluk, S.K. and S. Steiger. 2018. Offspring dependence on parental care and the role of parental transfer of oral fluids in burying beetles. Frontiers in Zoology 15: 33.
Capodeanu-Nägler, A., Ruiz de la Torre, E., Eggert, A.-K., Sakaluk, S.K. and S. Steiger. 2018. Divergent co-evolutionary trajectories in parent-offspring interactions and discrimination against brood parasites revealed by interspecific cross-fostering. Royal Society Open Science 5: 180189.
Schedwill, P., Eggert, A.-K. and J.K. Müller. 2018. How burying beetles spread their seed: The Coolidge effect in real life. Zoologischer Anzeiger 273: 210-217.


Gutter science: Interspecific differences in larval dispersal distance and behavior in burying beetles. 15th Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft. Ethologische Gesellschaft. (2020)