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Dr. Q Charles Su

Distinguished Professor
Moulton Hall - MLT 314
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Current Courses

388.001Advanced Computational Physics

111.001Physics For Science And Engineering II

111.002Physics For Science And Engineering II

102.001Atoms To Galaxies

Research Interests & Areas

Dr. Su is a theoretical atomic, molecular and optical physicist. His specialty involves the interaction of laser light with atoms. He has recently discovered atomic stabilization effects in a super-strong field regime. His research includes laser fusion diagnosis, harmonic light generation, electron-electron correlation, laser pulse propagation in media and relativistic quantum dynamics of atoms in external fields. Recently novel cycloatoms have been demonstrated in his lab under the radiation of combined laser and magnetic fields. Prof. Su is the co-director of the Intense Laser Physics Theory Unit at Illinois State, a research center that promotes scientific exchange and actively involves undergraduate researchers. He is a prolific scholar with frequently cited publications and numerous invited presentations and conference organization activities. His research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and Research Corporation. His research and teaching have been recognized with awards and feature articles.

Ph D

University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Singular Exceptional Endeavors of Discovery

Research Corporation

Distinguished Professor


Fellow of the American Physical Society


University Professor


The Million Dollar Club inductee

Illinois State University

College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Lecturer

Illinois State University

Undergraduate Research Prize

American Physics Society

Outstanding University Researcher Award

Illinois State University

Teaching Initiative Award

Illinois State University

Cottrell Scholar

Research Corporation

Journal Article

C. Gong, J. Bryan*, A. Furcoiu, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Springer Nature: Comp. Sci. 3, 209 (2022).
C. Gong, J. Bryan, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Phys. Rev. A 105, 052209 (2022).
D.D. Su, C.K. Li, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Phys. Rev. A 105, 053114 (2022).
D.D. Su, Y.T. Li, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Phys. Rev. A 105, 013110 (2022).
J. Yost, L. Rizo, X. Fang, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Springer Nature: Comp. Sci. 3, 64 (2022).


Finite and infinite dimensional optimization in physics. Department of Physics Colloquium. Beijing Normal University. (2019)
Hund conjecture for pair creation and its extensions. International Laser Physics Workshop. (2019)
Introduction to Extremely High Intensity Laser Physics. Lectures, Institute of Physics. Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2019)
Optimal supercritical potentials for the electron-positron pair-creation rate. 3rd International Conference on Extremely High Intensity Laser Physics. (2019)
Pair creation rate, transmission coefficient and how to calculate them. Physics Department. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2019)
Zero and infinity in physics. Nuclear Science Lecture. Beijing Normal University. (2019)
Absorbing boundary regions for multi-particle wavefunctions. Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates. (2012)
Assessing thinking like physicists. ISU Physics Colloquium. Kansas State University. (2012)
Bohmian perspective on laser harmonic generation: ensemble vs. single-atom emission. ISU Physics Colloquium. Brigham Young University (physics club invitee). (2012)
Causality in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Undergraduate Research Symposium. (2012)

Grants & Contracts

Spatial and temporal dynamics of matter in intense laser fields. NSF. Federal. (2021)
Spatial and temporal dynamics of matter in intense laser fields. NSF. Federal. (2021)
Light scattering in random media. Research Corporation (Cottrel College Science Award).
Super-critical laser field-vacuum interactions. National Science Foundation China (Overseas scholar collaborative research award). Federal.