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Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Neurobiology
School of Biological Sciences
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Current Courses

286.002Animal Behavior

499.018Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

499.018Independent Research For The Master's Thesis

Teaching Interests & Areas

Evolution, Animal behavior, Biostatistics, Animal physiology, Zoology, Neuroscience

Research Interests & Areas

I study the evolution of animal communication. My research focuses on bird vocalizations and combines bioacoustics, animal psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology. It involves work in the laboratory and the field, including expeditions to the tropics. General topics of interest include animal behavior, neuroscience, evolution, vocal communication, bioacoustics, tropical biology, ornithology, and computational ethology.

Journal Article

Chiappone, M., Rodriguez‐Saltos, C., Legendre, L. J., Li, Z., & Clarke, J. (2023). Ostrich (Struthio camelus) syrinx morphology and vocal repertoire across postnatal ontogeny and sex: Implications for understanding vocal evolution in birds. Journal of Anatomy, joa.13992.


Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Duque, F.G., and J.A. Clarke (2022). Precise and non-scalar timing of intervals in a bird vocalization. Animal behaviour. 191:165-177.
Duque, F.G., Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Monteros, M.F., and W. Wilczynski (2021). Transmission of high-frequency vocalizations from hummingbirds living in diverse habitats. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 132(1):148-160.
Duque, F.G., Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., Uma, S.a*, Nasir, I.a*, Monteros, M.F., Wilczynski, W., and L.L. Carruth (2020). High-frequency hearing in a hummingbird. Science Advances. 6(29): eabb9393.
Duque, F. G., Rodriguez-Saltos, C.A., and W. Wilczynski (2018). High-frequency vocalizations in Andean hummingbirds. Current Biology 281(7): R927-R928.