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Hassan Mohammadi

Professor Emeritus
Stevenson Hall - STV 430
Office Hours
My Fall 2017 office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00, or by appointment
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I am a professor of economics and Director of Graduate program in the Economics Department. I joined Illinois State University in 1988 after receiving my Ph.D from Washington State University.

Teaching Interests & Areas

I teach graduate courses in econometrics, time-series forecasting, and research methods, as well as undergraduate courses in macroeconomics and principles of economics. Department of Agriculture. Applied Econometrics and Time Series Forecasting, Research Methods, Macroeconomics

Research Interests & Areas

For primary research interest over the past few years has been related to global and domestic energy markets. I am on the editorial board of the Energy Economics, and have done collaborative work with the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Open-economy Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Energy Markets

Scott M. Elliott Graduate Research Award for Best capstone Project Advisor

Economics Department

Journal Article

Ohler, A., Mohammadi, H., & Loomis, D. Electricity restructuring and the relationship between fuel costs and electricity prices for industrial and residential customers. Energy Policy 142 (2020): 1-8.
Mohammadi, H., & Ram, R. Convergence in energy consumption per capita across the US states, 1970-2013: An exploration through selected parametric and non-parametric Methods. Energy Economics 62 (2017): 404-410.
Mohammadi, H., & Ram, R. Economic Development and Government Spending: An Exploration of Wagner’s Hypothesis during Fifty Years of Growth in East Asia. Economies 3.4 (2015): 150-160.
Mohammadi, H., & Amin, M. Long-run relation and short-run dynamics in energy consumption-output relationship: International evidence from country panels with different growth rates. Energy Economics 52 (2015): 118-126.
Mohammadi, H., & Tan, Y. Return and Volatility Spillovers across Equity Markets in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States. Econometrics 3.2 (2015): 215-232.


Efficiency, events, returns, and risk in Tehran stock exchange. Conference on Iran’s economy. (2010)
How subsidies have shaped evolution of fertility and human capital in the Iranian economy?. Conference on Iran’s economy. University of Chicago. (2010)
Iran: Post-election events. Office of International Studies Seminar Series. (2010)