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Dr. Rainer Grobe

Distinguished Professor
Moulton Hall - MLT 216
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Current Courses

388.001Advanced Computational Physics

390.002Computational Research In Physics

105.001Fundamentals Of Physics

105.002Fundamentals Of Physics

105.003Fundamentals Of Physics

105.004Fundamentals Of Physics

105.005Fundamentals Of Physics

105.006Fundamentals Of Physics

105.007Fundamentals Of Physics

105.008Fundamentals Of Physics

105.010Fundamentals Of Physics

105.011Fundamentals Of Physics

105.012Fundamentals Of Physics

105.013Fundamentals Of Physics

105.014Fundamentals Of Physics

105.015Fundamentals Of Physics

287.002Independent Study

290.002Research In Physics

105.001Fundamentals Of Physics

105.002Fundamentals Of Physics

Research Interests & Areas


Ph D

University of Essen, Germany (1989)

Journal Article

"Evolutionary symbolic regression from a probabilistic perspective"
C. Gong , J. Bryan, A. Furcoiu, Q. Su and R. Grobe, Springer Nature: Comp. Sci 3, 209 (2022).
Yost, J., Rizo, L., Fang, X., Su, Q., & Grobe, R. Exactly Predictable Functions for Simple Neural Networks. SN Computer Science (2021)
McGinnis, C., Holland, D., Su, Q., & Grobe, R. Universal scaling laws for optimally excited nonlinear oscillators. Phys Rev E (2020)
Su, Q., & Grobe, R. Accumulation of bosons between fermions due to the Pauli exclusion principle. Euro. Phys. Lett. 120 (2018): 50004.
Su, Q., & Grobe, R. Manipulation of the vacuum to control its field-induced decay. Phys. Rev. Lett. (2018)


Imaging schemes based on scattered light in turbid media. LPHYS’12. (2012)
Model QFT studies of particle interactions. LPHYS’12. (2012)
Modeling quantum field theory in full space-time resolution. APS LeRoy Apker finalist presentation. (2012)
Numerical studies of strong field pair creation and QFT interactions. Workshop on Super Intense Laser Atom Physics. (2012)
Pair creation for fermions and bosons in external fields. LPHYS’12. (2012)
Pair creation process by a time dependent potential well. International Conference on High Energy Density Physics. (2012)
Pair creation process in combined external fields. Workshop on Super Intense Laser-Atom Physics. (2012)
Quantum field theoretical simulations. Physics Seminar. University of Düsseldorf. (2012)
Quantum field theoretical simulations. Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics. (2012)
Quantum field theoretical simulations. SFB colloquium, University of Ulm, Germany. (2012)