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Michael Plantholt

Professor Emeritus
Stevenson Hall - STV 309E
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Undergraduate degree Loyola College
Masters and PhD University of Michigan

Current Courses

145Calculus I

MS Operations Research

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor

Ph D Mathematics

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor

MS Mathematics

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor

BA Mathematics

Loyola College

Math Dept Outstanding Teacher Award, senior level, 2013

Math Department

Outstanding University Teacher Finalist, 2012


Math Dept outstanding teacher award (senior), 2012

Math Department

Journal Article

Plantholt, M. A combined logarithmic bound on the chromatic index of multigraphs. J. Graph Theory 73 (2013): 239-259.
Plantholt, M., Busch, A., Jacobsen, M., Morris, T., & Tipnis, S. Improved Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of Anti-Directed Hamilton Cycles in Digraphs. Graphs and Combinatorics 29 (2013): 359-364.
Plantholt, M., Cummings, C., Gonzalez, I., & Mayberry, C. On the Dirac-type Conjecture for Anti-directed Hamiltonian Digraphs. J. Comb. Math. and Comb (EDs). J. Combinatorial Math. and Combinatorial Computing 82 (2012): 105-115.
Plantholt, M., Diwan, A., Fry, J., & Tipnis, S. A sufficient degree condition for the existence of an anti-directed 2-factor in a directed graph. Discrete Mathematics 311 (2011): 2556-2562.
Plantholt, M., Badheka, K., & Tipnis, S. On a well-spread halving of multigraphs. Ars Combinatoria 100 (2011): 485-491.


A Generalized Dirac-Style Comjecture. Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing. (2013)

Grants & Contracts

Graduating Highly Effective Secondary Mathematics Teachers with Emphasis on Recruitment from Under-Represented Groups. National Science Foundation. (2009)
Graduating Highly-Qualied Secondary Mathematics Teachers with Emphasis on Recruitment from Underrepresented Groups. National Science Foundation. (2009)
Track 2: GK-12 Teaching Fellows. National Science Foundation. Illinois State University. (2003)