College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Scholar Fund

The CAS Undergraduate Scholar Award was established by the college in 2005 for the purpose of creating and maintaining a fund which provides professional meeting expenses for outstanding undergraduate students majoring in the college. Students in the college’s departments who have peer-reviewed research papers or works accepted at major state, national, or international meetings related to their academic majors may apply to the fund for an award to assist with the travel, registration, and housing costs associated with the presentation of the paper or work.

Each candidate for an award from the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Scholar Fund must:

a. be enrolled and in good standing at Illinois State University.

b. demonstrate high academic promise, leadership ability, and solid character qualities.

c. be a full time student majoring in one of the undergraduate degree programs within the College of Arts and Sciences.

d. be supported as an applicant for an award with the following:

  • A letter inviting the presentation of the article or work at either a national or international professional meeting
  • A letter from the student’s major department chair attesting to the scholarly level of the paper or work, that it has been peer-reviewed in its selection for presentation, and the paper or work
  • A letter from another professor within the student’s department speaking to the contributions made by the paper or work to the profession.

e. not have received previous support from the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Scholar Award fund. A student may only receive support from the fund one time.

Students may apply at any time during the year, but should submit the required materials prior to the date of the professional meeting.