College of Arts and Sciences

Upon completion of courses, submit:

 CEC application

Questions about the application may be addressed to:

Val Ilyukhina

(309) 438-5669

Stevenson Hall, Room 141

4100 College of Arts and Sciences

Questions about requirements may be addressed to:

Dr. Sally Parry, Associate Dean

(309) 438-5669

Stevenson Hall, Room 141

4100 College of Arts and Sciences

Career Enhancement Competencies

What are the CECs?

Career Enhancement Competencies (CECs) are groups of courses from a variety of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences which in combination provide knowledge, skills, and background appropriate for certain broadly defined careers.

Why should I complete a CEC?

Completion of a CEC can help you organize your coursework in a way which enhances your major and/or minor. It can demonstrate to potential employers that you thoughtfully chose classes which could help make you a more well-rounded employee.

How do CECs relate to other special programs at the University?

Some classes from the CECs are in General Education or IAI which means that by thoughtfully choosing your General Education classes, you are also augmenting the broader field of study related to your major and to your potential career. Supplementing this course of study with a professional practice, internship, or study abroad experience is strongly advised. Extra curricular activities can further enhance your experience and help you present yourself as a professional.

Can I major in a CEC field?

CECs are not majors or minors. They are designed to complement your chosen major and help you plan your overall program of study. Courses in a CEC which are part of your major can count toward the completion of a CEC.

Will my transcript show successful completion of a CEC?

Because CECs are not majors or minors, the CEC title will not appear on the transcript. All the courses involved will appear, however. The College of Arts and Sciences will recognize your completion of a CEC with a certificate.

Are there advisors for CECs ?

Ask your academic advisor for advice about which competency may be appropriate for you. You may also contact Dr. Sally Parry, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences for advice.

Five competencies are available:

Administrative and Corporate Communication (pdf)
Human Resources Management (pdf)
International Affairs (pdf)
Public Policy Analysis (pdf)
Technical Communication (pdf)


The CECs are in PDF format.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free at the following address: