College of Arts and Sciences


 DEPARTMENT How the advising is handled? (Full time advisors/faculty/some combination; individual or group advising?)   What is the process for seeing an advisor? (By appointment only, open office hours, sign-up sheet, required advising appointment on a regular basis, or combination of above?)  Will advisors see anyone whether major/minor/other major/ general student) or just declared majors/minors?  Is there a difference between registration times and non registration times or summers?  
BSC Full Time Advisor Appt open sign-up Sign-up sheets See anyone
CHE Faculty/UNDG Advisors Appt by Sophomore year Faculty will see assigned students UNDG adv will see all students
COM Combo Appt walk-ins Limited advising in summer Advisors see majors
CSD Advisor Sign-up appt No See anyone
ECO UNDG Prog Dir By appt only No Limited advising in summer
ENG Advisor Indiv/Group Appt walk-ins E-mail No * See anyone
GEO Advisor Indiv Advisor open sign-up By appt Yes
HIS Indiv/Combo Combo No Yes
LAN Advisor Appt open sign-up See anyone See anyone
MAT Advisor Indiv By appt No See anyone
PHI Advisor and Faculty Advisor By appt and open No See anyone
PHY Combo By appt and/or walk-ins See anyone See anyone
POL Advisor Walk-ins varies by semester See anyone See anyone
PSY Advisor Office hrs & by appt See anyone; Limited advising in summer See anyone; Limited advising in summer
SOA Advisor by appt Sign-up by appt See anyone .
SWK Advisors Open by appt No See anyone
WGS . . . .