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CAS Faculty Professional Development Series


New Faculty Program

Overview of the Series

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Faculty Professional Development Series to support the success of untenured tenure-track faculty. The series is meant to support faculty by helping them to develop skills and connect with resources so they will thrive as faculty and have positive impacts on their students and on their disciplines.

All untenured tenure-track College faculty are invited to attend, with those in their first or second year at Illinois State especially encouraged to do so. The monthly sessions will provide early-career faculty with opportunities to:

  • develop practical strategies that will enhance their success as a faculty member
  • build intellectual and social networks on campus and beyond
  • discuss ways to balance the multiple obligations they face as faculty members
  • learn useful information about the faculty evaluation systems at Illinois State, including the tenure and promotion process

This series is a complement to the mentoring activities that some of the departments already sponsor for their faculties. The College series will concentrate on fostering the development of meta-level skills and knowledge in a group setting, while the departmental programs generally provide one-on-one opportunities to acquire crucial disciplinary knowledge and an understanding of departmental policies and procedures. The College Series is designed to be useful to individuals in disciplines across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and at various stages of early career development; its group format will allow discussion and other active learning activities. Every session will feature some practical information or experience that participants can take with them and apply immediately in their teaching, research, and service activity.

Schedule for Academic Year 2014-2015

Click here to view the Faculty Professional Development Series brochure for 2015-2016

Feel free to contact Marla Reese Weber or Joe Blaney or call 438-5669 for additional information.