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Admission to the programs of the College is through the University Admissions Office.

Departments/Schools & Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences provides many majors and minors at the undergraduate level. Some of these programs are interdisciplinary. Many departments have teacher education programs where a student majors in a subject discipline while getting credentials towards a teaching certificate. Many department have graduate programs leading to Masters degrees and Doctoral degrees. The Majors and Minors page lists all of the programs in alphabetical order with links to the faculty advisors.

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The College of Arts and Sciences is divided into three groups -

  • Sciences and Mathematics (Group A)

Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography & Geology, Mathematics, Physics

  • Social Sciences ( Group B)

Communication Sciences & Disorders, Economics, History, Politics & Government, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology & Anthropology

  • Humanities (Group C)

Communication; English; Languages, Literatures, & Cultures; Philosophy

CAS Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

The requirement is specifically for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences. It went into effect with the 2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog:

All graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences must satisfy a foreign language requirement that may be met by: 3 years of a single foreign language in high school or completion of the second semester or higher of college-level foreign language (FOR 112 or articulated course) with a passing grade or equivalent proficiency as determined by examination. American Sign Language may be used to fulfill this requirement by transfer credit or by proficiency.


Career Enhancement Competencies

The College also offers Career Enhancement Competencies, groups of courses from a variety of departments, which in combination provide knowledge, skills, and background appropriate for certain broadly defined careers.

Honors Program

Introduced in 1964, the Honors Program at Illinois State University challenges and stimulates academically talented and highly motivated students, offering them the personal attention and collegiate atmosphere often found only at small, liberal arts colleges. The College of Arts and Sciences makes up the core of this liberal arts environment.



There are many opportunities for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, but most of the opportunities are found within the individual departments and programs within those departments. Most departments and programs have clubs or organizations for the majors and minors. Some have student professional societies. Many departments employ Undergraduate Teaching Assistants to assist professors. Some departments involve students in research with professors and in some cases students are co-authors of significant works. Many departments employ internships in their academic curricula and in most cases the department helps the student land an internship.

Travel Abroad

Travel abroad is a great experience for the Arts and Sciences student. There are many opportunities to travel abroad, whether by spending a semester or a year in another university of by taking a course that involves foreign travel. It works best if plans are made early to study abroad so that no credits are lost by the experience. The expense of foreign study is not always much different from staying on campus.