College of Arts and Sciences

International Partnerships

Dong Ah College of Broadcasting (South Korea). Faculty in the School of Communication conduct workshops for Korean Students and sponsor an annual student exchange program with the College.

Institute of Economics (Zagreb, Croatia). Through this academic partnership, Professor Rajeev Goel serves as a visiting scholar to the Institute, conducting seminars as well as collaborating on research projects.

National University of Ireland (Galway). The College partners with the National University of Ireland to run a summer archaeological field school in central Ireland, where faculty and students study Irish peasant life in the mid-19th century.

Negocia (Paris, France). This is a summer program for Illinois State students in Paris. The College is currently developing a student exchange program.



Peking University (China) .The College maintains a National Science Foundation REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) partnership with scientists at Peking University, where students from Illinois State participate in research projects.

Salzburg College (Austria). Illinois State students attend a semester and the Department of Communication provides faculty for the program.

World Vision (Romania). A faculty member in the School of Social Work has developed a collaboration with social work practitioners in Romania associated with World Vision—a nongovernmental social service agency—to develop strategies for advocating for greater recognition by the Romanian Ministry of Labor of social work as a profession that requires university preparation.