College of Arts and Sciences

Message from the Dean to Alumni

Gregory B. Simpson.Welcome back to the College of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University. In my time as dean of the College, I have repeatedly experienced the loyalty and commitment that our alumni show to ISU.

As alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences, you are part of a great tradition of liberal education. You have learned in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences, and you have acquired the skills that mark an arts and sciences education: the ability to gather information and think critically, the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing, and a desire for lifelong learning. These skills have served you well as you have established yourselves in a wide range of professions, and gone on to many successes in life.

Many of you have regularly returned to campus for Homecoming, Founders Day, or Alumni Day. I hope you will continue to enjoy the hospitality for which ISU is known. If you have not had the opportunity to visit for these or other events, I encourage you to take advantage of as many activities in the future as your schedules allow. I am always interested in meeting College alumni, and hearing of their memories of their time at ISU. Connections with alumni also benefit our current students, as you have expertise and experience that can guide students as they plan for their lives after graduation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone in the College Office if we can be of assistance to you. And if you do not currently receive our weekly electronic newsletter, CASNews, every Monday morning, please contact Deborah Fox and she will arrange for you to receive it. I look forward to meeting you.


Gregory B. Simpson